New Appalachian Trail Parking Lot

Mountain Club of Maryland LogoThe Mountain Club of Maryland proposes to build a new parking lot near the Appalachian Trail in Duncannon, PA.  This section of the trail is very popular due to the views at Hawk Rock. Currently hikers using the AT south of Duncannon have no official parking choices. Many people park at the borough recycling center and use an unofficial trail to access the AT.  Others park near a bar (Tubby’s) a short distance from the proposed lot. The proposed lot will be located along Inn Road where the trail enters the woods and will accommodate 8 cars.

Duncannon Parking LayoutParking Area PhotoThe proposed lot will be 75 feet long by 18 feet deep and it will accommodate approximately 8 cars, using straight in parking. Per ABA (Architectural Barriers Act) guidelines, one spot will be compliant with Accessibility standards. The surfacing material will be crushed stone. A barrier fence will be placed around the edges to prevent unwanted expansion and to prevent cars from going down the slope beyond the proposed parking area. In addition to the fence, all the material resulting from construction will be located around it. Vegetation adjacent to the site includes maple and locust trees, special attention will be paid to minimizing damage to existing vegetation. Drainage will be similar to existing conditions; native plants may be added to minimize the risk of erosion, with plant selection done in consultation with ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) and/or NPS (National Park Service).  An information kiosk will also be installed.

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