2014 DATC Festival Photos

We were fortunate to have photographers at our 2014 Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival willing to share their photos with us.  Thanks to Jeromy, Jeannie Conrad, and Charlie Johnson, we have great pictures of the crowd, the entertainment, the vendors and some of the presentations at the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival (a.k.a. the Duncannon Blast).

Appalachian Trail Maintainers

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Susquehanna Sojourn

Susquehanna Sojourn

Break out the paddles, prepare your campfire tales, and join the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership for an exciting trip through some lovely and scenic sections of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River during a 5-day educational canoe/kayak trip! Paddle the entire trip, or just a few days… it’s up to you!

Touted by National Geographic as a “Best Adventure Destination for 2012” and recently designated a National Recreation Trail and connecting trail to the Captain John Smith Historic Trail by the National Park Service, the West Branch is a great place for exploration!

Visit the Susquehanna Greenway – West Branch Sojourn webpage for more detailed information.

DOC June Scavenger Hunt

DOC LogoThe DOC scavenger hunt at the Cornerstone Christian Church Trails was a lot of fun! Participants carried clipboards holding a checklist of various items one would see while hiking. While some things were real; like the birds, butterfly, nests, and leaves, some items were strategically placed for the children to find and check off their list. There was the giant yellow spider on a trail sign, a turtle on a bench, a frog on the ground, a feather in the grass, the big red ladybug, a cobra, and a fish in the creek. We all missed the bat hanging from a tree! It was a fun time for all.

Join us for the July DOC Scavenger Hike at Wildwood Nature Center where all the items on our list will be for real!

Duncannon Outdoor Club Scavenger Hike at Wildwood

DOC Logo

On Sat., July 19th the Duncannon Outdoor Club (DOC) will be at the Wildwood Nature Center. Join us for an average paced 3 mile hike over easy terrain, as we search for items to check off of our scavenger cards. It is a hike for the whole family; provided children can walk the distance. Bring water, a snack, and binoculars if you have them. Meet at the Cornerstone Christian Church in Duncannon at 9:00 am. to carpool or meet at the Nature Center entrance by the bathrooms at 9:30 am. Call 834-9216 or email dtakach@duncannonatc.org to register.

DOC June Scavenger Hunt Family Hike

DOC Logo

On Sat., June 21st the Duncannon Outdoor Club (DOC) will be hiking at the Cornerstone Trails.  This is a slower paced 1.14 mile hike through woods and fields mostly on wide paths.  It is a hike for the whole family, especially for children ages 5 and up.  Try and find as many things as you can to check off your scavenger list.  Meet at the Cornerstone Christian Church in Duncannon at 9:00 am.  Call 834-9216 or email dtakach@duncannonatc.org to register.  Afterward attend the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival (Duncannon Blast) from noon to 4:00 pm on High Street in Duncannon.

May Pink Lady Slipper Hike

DOC LogoThe DOC May hike was a smashing success!  We got to see a lot of Pink Lady Slippers that had not been present just the weekend before.  It must have been all of the rain we had.  The cross-country course behind the Susquenita High School was very well marked and maintained.

We did get to see a lot more than the Pink Lady Slippers.  There were massive fields of mushrooms along the wood-chipped path.  Then we hiked up a short hill to the reservoir where we saw the spillway and clear water.  Not long after that we came upon the old grave yard with tombstones dating to the 1800′s.  It was a very nice hike through a very nice area of woods and streams.

Prior to the hike we took a few moments to discuss the illusive flower, the Pink Lady Slipper also called the Moccasin Flower, Two Leaved Lady’s Slipper, and Stemless Lady’s Slipper.  It is a rare and beautiful flower belonging to the orchid family.  They take years to grow and are often picked by unknowledgeable individuals who are unaware that a special fungus is needed for the seed to germinate.  The seed is without its own food source and  needs a fungus, in the Rhizoctonia Genus, to break open the seed which then attaches itself to the fungus.  The seed feeds off the fungus until the leaves are grown and the plant can produce its own food  Although this seems a parasitic relationship, the Pink Lady Slipper returns the favor once the plant makes its own food.  Then the fungus lives off of the Pink Lady Slipper.  So coming full circle the relationship can be termed symbiotic,

In some states the flower is endangered and in others it is threatened.  In PA the Showy Lady Slipper is threatened and the Pink Lady slipper is rare and unusual.  The Pink Lady Slipper has two leaves coming up from the ground, a long stem and a pink flower at the end of the stem. The Showy Lady Slipper looks similar to the Pink, but has 3 white pedals on top of the slipper.

The Pink Lady Slipper can be found in pine forests, where it can be seen in large colonies, but it also grows in deciduous woods.  It prefers acidic and well-drained soil.  It can live up to 20 years and relies on bees for pollination,

If you find this flower please let it be.  Then it will be present for future generations,

Note: A “thank you” to SeanO for the wonderful pictures.

DATC Newsletter – May 2014

Duncannon AT Community SignNEW FESTIVAL LOCATION:  The DATC Festival (Duncannon Blast) has moved around the corner from our previous Cumberland Street location due to a traffic detour.  We’ll still be right next to the fire company but now we’re on High Street between Cumberland and Ann streets.  You can zoom in to the DATC Festival map for a detailed look.

FESTIVAL INFORMATION: Saturday, June 21st, prepare for a great day with friends and family.  The festival is coming together quite well thanks to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers and generous contributors.  Six different clubs are sponsoring hikes in the Duncannon area on the morning of the festival so pick one that’s right for you and enjoy Duncannon’s unique natural resources.  We have about 50 vendors composed of hiking clubs, local businesses, public service groups, arts, crafts and food vendors.  There will be family-friendly live musical entertainment during the festival, thanks to the Appalachian Music Conservancy.  We’ll have Smokey the Bear to raise fire prevention awareness and a variety of presentations throughout the afternoon covering topics such as backpacking, live raptors, photography, Perry County history, birds of Duncannon and veterans hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Vendors have donated over $500 worth of prizes to be raffled off to lucky festival attendees, get one free ticket and be sure to buy more to increase your odds of winning.  Thanks to the Susquenita Middle School, we’ll be giving out super-cool laser engraved commemorative tokens to anyone donating $5 or more to the DATC.  We’re expecting a large turnout so we’ve provided multiple parking locations throughout the town as well as regular on-street parking, please be courteous and park only in designated areas or where it is legally permitted.  This festival couldn’t happen without great people like yourself so bring your friends, family and associates to the 3rd annual Duncannon A.T. Festival to show your support for the Appalachian Trail! Continue reading

BuildASign.com – DATC Festival Friend

BuildASign LogoThanks to The Giving Program at BuildASign.com the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Community (DATC) will be able to afford some great new banners to help promote our community and advertise our upcoming 3rd Annual DATC Festival.  BuildASign’s Giving Program empowers people and organizations dedicated to keeping their communities strong by awarding in-kind gifts in the form of discounts and total donations of their products.  Due to their generosity, we will be able to purchase the following banners at greatly reduced prices.

This 10x3 banner will be used on our display booth when promoting the DATC at events.

This 10×3 banner will be used on our display booth when promoting the DATC at outdoor events.

This banner will be placed at various locations throughout Duncannon prior to the festival.

This 8×4 banner will be placed at various locations throughout Duncannon prior to the festival.

This banner will be hung across Market Street prior to the festival.

This 16×4 banner will be hung across Market Street prior to the festival.

Thanks BuildASign.com, we couldn’t have created such great banners without your help!

Red 102.3 – DATC Festival Friend

Red 102.3The Duncannon Appalachian Trail Community (DATC) will be advertising our upcoming June 21, 2014 festival on Red 102.3 during the weeks leading up to the event.  Listen to this cool radio promotion and be sure to tell us what you think.  We’d love to hear from you!

Be sure to tune in to Red 102.3, Central PA’s home for New Country and The Legends, to check it out.

Your Ideal Printer – DATC Festival Friend

Your Ideal Printer LogoYour Ideal Printer of New Bloomfield, PA has donated hundreds of free brochures to help get the word out about the 2014 Duncannon A.T. Festival.  If you ever get a chance, please stop by and show your appreciation for this great local business.  Contact them at 96 Ridge Road, New Bloomfield, PA 17068, 717-567-7577 to order your next print job or visit their Newport and Lancaster locations.

DATC Festival Brochure

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