Kid’s Crafts At Duncannon Festival


016 Wacky Hats Make a Wacky Hat out of paper plates for your next hike. We have frog hats, monster hats, bee hats, palm tree hats, hats with glasses, castle hats, and flamingo hats. Take your pick and decorate your hat or if you are older you can cut out your hat too.
015 Bear Chasers What can you do with a cardboard tube? You can make a Bear Chaser that makes a humming noise so you can scare away bears as you are hiking. Decorate your tube and cover one end with wax paper or foil wrap that you cut out yourself or get help from a volunteer.
017 Mustaches Make a mustache out of black construction paper and put it under your nose so you look like a hiker who has spent months on the trail.
014 Wrestling Hikers Decorate two clothespins to look like hikers and connect them with a rubber band. Wind them up, let them go, and watch the action to see which hiker lands on top for the win.
018 Racing Turtles Make one or two turtles out of white cardboard by decorating them with markers. Add a long string and tie it to something about the height of the turtle. Little tugs on the string cause the turtle to race slowly (remember it is a turtle) along the string away from you.

Bring your parents along to the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Festival for some great crafting fun!

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Debra Takach is a retired teacher who volunteers much of her time for worthy causes. She is an avid hiker and professional story teller. She is CPR AED Wilderness Remote First Aid Certified and has had Hike Leadership Training.

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