DOC June Scavenger Hunt

DOC LogoThe DOC scavenger hunt at the Cornerstone Christian Church Trails was a lot of fun! Participants carried clipboards holding a checklist of various items one would see while hiking. While some things were real; like the birds, butterfly, nests, and leaves, some items were strategically placed for the children to find and check off their list. There was the giant yellow spider on a trail sign, a turtle on a bench, a frog on the ground, a feather in the grass, the big red ladybug, a cobra, and a fish in the creek. We all missed the bat hanging from a tree! It was a fun time for all.

Join us for the July DOC Scavenger Hike at Wildwood Nature Center where all the items on our list will be for real!

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About Deb Takach

Debra Takach is a retired teacher who volunteers much of her time for worthy causes. She is an avid hiker and professional story teller. She is CPR AED Wilderness Remote First Aid Certified and has had Hike Leadership Training.

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